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Student TAP Coach - Summer Study

At colleges operating on a traditional academic calendar (two semesters—fall and spring, or three quarters/trimesters—fall, winter, spring), if a summer term is also offered, the term is considered an optional term over and above the regular academic year.

Under certain circumstances, you can receive a TAP award for summer study that is in addition to your annual TAP award. Such additional awards for summer study are considered “accelerated” TAP.

If you are receiving your first award in the 2006-07 academic year or thereafter, to be eligible for an accelerated summer payment you must satisfy the following specific criteria in addition to the general TAP eligibility requirements:
You can receive a full-time or half-time summer accelerated award. If you apply for a half-time accelerated payment, you must enroll for at least six but fewer than 12 semester hours.

Accelerated TAP is available for full-time and half-time undergraduate summer study for students attending degree-granting colleges or two-year programs in registered private business schools.

For TAP purposes, all summer sessions are combined and treated as a single term.

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