Governor Hochul Launches New York State Healthcare Workers For Our Future Scholarship Program


Program to Help Address the Shortage of Skilled Health Care Professionals and Improve New York’s Health Care Landscape 
Recipients Will Receive a Two-Year Full Cost of Attendance Scholarship to Attend College in New York State  

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the New York State Healthcare Workers for Our Future Scholarship. This new scholarship program provides a two-year full cost of attendance scholarship to approximately 500 New York State students seeking to earn their associate or bachelor's degree as a Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Clinical Laboratory Technologist, Radiologic Technologist, or Surgical Technologist. The scholarship supports and empowers future healthcare workers who are committed to providing critical healthcare services in under and unserved communities throughout New York State.

"The Healthcare Workers for Our Future scholarship is an investment in New York's future and a bold step toward ensuring every community has access to high-quality health care," Governor Hochul said. “By providing hundreds of students with scholarships to pursue a degree in essential health care fields, we are addressing staffing needs in communities where it’s needed most while also opening doors to higher education for aspiring students.”

Selected recipients will receive a scholarship for up to two years of full-time study at any SUNY, CUNY, or New York State accredited college in an approved associate or bachelor's degree program, which includes the following:

  • Tuition: The cost of tuition, not to exceed the cost of in-state tuition at a SUNY college or the actual cost of tuition, whichever is less
  • Non-tuition Costs: Room and board and allowances for books, supplies, and transportation up to the average cost at SUNY colleges. 
  • Living Costs: Students living on campus will receive room and board up to the average cost at SUNY colleges. Commuter students will receive a commuter allowance. 

The scholarships will be awarded to approximately 500 students randomly selected through a lottery drawing. To enter the Healthcare Workers for Our Future Scholarship drawing, participants can complete an online entry form. Recipients of the scholarship must agree to work in an underserved area in NYS as Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Laboratory Technologists, Radiologic Technologists, or Surgical Technologists for two years upon graduation.   
New York State Higher Education Services Corporation President Dr. Guillermo Linares said, "The Healthcare Workers for Our Future scholarship represents not only New York State’s continuing commitment to our students’ education in critical fields but also Governor Hochul’s commitment to fostering a robust healthcare system in New York that is both resilient and equitable. This scholarship supports our students’ educational journeys by providing financial assistance and empowering them to make a difference in communities where the scarcity of healthcare services is most prevalent." 

New York State Department of Health Commissioner James V. McDonald, M.D. said, “The ‘Healthcare Workers for Our Future’ scholarship opportunity will remove the financial barrier of higher education and open the doors of opportunity for more individuals who are passionate about pursuing a future in critical healthcare fields. Healthcare professionals are foundational to building healthy communities, and this scholarship program is an investment in a stronger, healthier New York.” 
New York State Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said, “I thank Governor Hochul for continuing to make strategic investments that strengthen this essential workforce pipeline. These scholarships will ensure that our health care system will continue to be supported by skilled, knowledgeable workers and ensure that we can meet the medical needs of all New Yorkers.” 
SUNY Chancellor John B. King, Jr said, “SUNY is committed to Governor Hochul's goal of increasing New York’s healthcare workforce by 20% to meet the state’s growing demand. At SUNY, scholarship programs like the ones provided by the NYS Healthcare Workers for Our Future are a key ingredient in the push to build the workforce New York needs to be healthy.” 
CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez said, “Each year, thousands of CUNY graduates go on to work in high-demand healthcare fields, and more than seven in 10 CUNY graduates from these programs are members of underserved groups. We thank Governor Hochul for her promotion of educational opportunities that will allow an even greater diversity of New Yorkers to pursue stable, fulfilling careers while they also help meet the growing needs of communities across our state.” 

State Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa said, “Access to education is the key that unlocks boundless opportunities, shaping a brighter and more equitable future for all. The Healthcare Workers for Our Future Scholarship Program will empower aspiring healthcare professionals with a meaningful education that will foster equity in healthcare and create a transformative impact that resonates in communities with the greatest needs. By working together at the state and local levels, we can create a more accessible and just healthcare system for all.” 

CICU President Lola W. Brabham said, "New York’s Independent Colleges and Universities applaud Governor Hochul's leadership in establishing the NYS Healthcare Workers for Our Future Scholarship. This program will help increase enrollment in critical fields, expand equity and student success, and most importantly, ensure more patients have access to high-quality healthcare.”  

APC President Donna Stelling-Gurnett said, “State support to assist students in completing their degrees in critical healthcare fields will help alleviate the workforce shortage, especially in underserved areas of New York State.  Demand in these professions has increased, and state commitment to cover tuition as well as non-tuition and living expenses will have a significant positive impact.  APC member colleges look forward to collaborating with New York State to help alleviate the healthcare workforce shortage and remain committed to helping underserved students gain access to higher education.” 
For the scholarship application, complete program rules and FAQs, visit The deadline to apply is June 24, 2024. Applicants must currently live in New York State and agree to pursue an associate or bachelor's degree in one of the approved fields of study. 
Student awardees will be able to complete their programs with a flexible schedule, either part-time or full-time. Scholarships will cover tuition, room and board, and other fees at any New York State SUNY, CUNY, or NYS accredited college, equal to four full-time semesters and not to exceed the average cost of attendance equal to that of a state-operated SUNY college. Awards will be pro-rated for recipients attending less than full-time.