2019-20 Payment Rosters for DREAM ACT Recipients

Dear Colleague,

The following contains guidance for processing award payments for 2019-20 NYS DREAM Act recipients. Separate guidance will be provided for processing award payments for 2020-21 and thereafter.

The Consolidated Scholarship Payment Roster
The Consolidated Scholarship Payment Roster(s) (CSR) produced on 12/23/2020 contain NYS DREAM Act recipients for the 2019-20 academic year for all NYS programs except for the Excelsior (EXC) and the Enhanced Tuition Award (ETA) scholarships. The roster (SU8069) is available in the Reports tab of HESCweb Secured Transaction Processing. Excelsior and ETA certifications requests and instructions will be sent separately to colleges, as will the SUNY and CUNY Tuition Credit report.

Please return your CSRs by fax to 518-473-3749.

Payment Amounts
HESC will be sending 80 percent of the payment value of the awards. Consistent with prior guidance, the 20 percent temporarily withheld are not cuts to student awards, but rather a change in the payment schedule made to schools. Consequently, student awards are NOT to be reduced and schools should defer such students' tuition for the entire amount of a student's award.

Please be aware that student accounts should be credited fully once you have determined the student is eligible for the award. Any hold on student accounts equal to the amount of the award should be removed and the student should be allowed to enroll in classes. If the student has previously paid their tuition bill, a refund equal to the students' award should now be released to the student or applied to any current amounts outstanding.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we serve the financial aid needs of New York State students.

The Higher Education Services Corporation

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