Excelsior Certification of Full-Time Attendance

Dear Colleagues:

An Excelsior Scholarship recipient is deemed to be in full-time attendance if he or she is enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester and completes at least 30 combined credits per year (applicable to his/her program[s] of study) following the student's start date, or its equivalent.

As you are aware, students may use "banked" college credits that were earned while a high school student or in another nonmatriculated status to fulfill the annual 30-credit requirement. Students can also meet the full-time attendance requirement as follows:

Students Enrolled in Fewer than 12 Credits Per Semester

The regulations governing the Excelsior Scholarship program authorizes that a recipient may use college credits earned while a high school student or while in another nonmatriculated status towards his/her enrollment in 12 credits per semester.

Students Enrolled in Coursework Not Applicable Towards Their Program of Study

For a recipient who earned college credits toward his or her program(s) of study while in high school or while a nonmatriculated student and who is making satisfactory progress toward timely completion of his or her program(s) of study, and is enrolled in coursework not applicable toward his or her program(s) of study, such coursework outside of his or her program(s) of study shall be considered as contributing toward full-time attendance.

Consequently, when certifying your Excelsior Scholarship recipients, students who meet either of these conditions should be deemed to meet the definition of full-time attendance. The Excelsior Scholarship award amount should be calculated based on the 2016-17 annual tuition rate, but should not exceed the actual tuition charged.

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