Course Credits and Excelsior Certification

If your institution offers courses that carry half-credits (0.5) that count toward the requirement for a bachelor's or associate's degree, please read the following regarding the number of decimal places to be used for credits earned.

HESC does not currently allow for the reporting of decimals when submitting information on the credits enrolled/completed on the certification file. Modifications are now being made to allow for the reporting of decimals to ensure that only students who enroll in a minimum of 12 credits per term and who complete a minimum of 30 credits over a 365-day period are certified as eligible for an Excelsior payment. It is anticipated that the record layout to accommodate the reporting of decimals will be finalized in September. However, in the interim and effective immediately, all partial credits should be rounded down to ensure that awards are not disallowed in an audit, at a later date. For example, if a student earned 11.5 credits, this should be rounded down to 11 credits; if a student earned 29.25 credits, this should be rounded down to 29 credits. Corrections to previously certified students will be made as part of the post-certification process.

Scholarships Unit

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