Chapter 4: Aid for Part-time Study Recipient List and Replacement/Deletion Procedures

APTS Recipient List

The Recipient List is the list of eligible students selected for an APTS award for a term (semester, trimester/quarter) and submitted to HESC electronically by the school. Schools must use the APTS Recipient List to create, submit and transmit the APTS recipients and award amounts to HESC for processing. 

4.1 Options available for creating & transmitting APTS Recipient List to HESC

HescWeb Transaction Processing and Webfile Transfer are HESC's Web solution to your online processing needs. Authorized users have secure access to data, transactions, and reports. HescWeb Transaction Processing and Webfile Transfer are available only to constituents who have been issued a valid User ID and password and are approved for secure processing with HESC. To obtain access, the authorizing APTS Coordinator must complete an electronic EFAN ID application and an APTS Certification Authorization form (available in HescWeb’s Forms for Professionals). Both applications must be completed and submitted to HESC’s Information Protection Office. Contact HESC’s Help Desk for additional information at 518-473-0550. 

Option 1 - Transaction Processing 
Within HESC’s web based management system for grants and scholarships, APTS coordinators can create, submit and transmit the Initial APTS Recipient List, certify awards, and review/print APTS reports.

Option 2 - Batch File Processing 
The schools financial management system may create and transmit the file HE8075 – Aid for Part-time Study Recipient List to HESC for processing. The HE8075 file layout is available within HESC’s secure web pages in Forms for Professionals. 

4.2 APTS Recipient List Transmission Deadline

Statutory provisions governing the APTS program requires schools to select APTS recipients within 45 days of the end of the add/drop period, including any replacement/alternate recipients, and transmit the APTS Recipient List to HESC for each term. 

An alternate recipient may be submitted as a replacement if an APTS recipient was submitted on the Recipient List and was determined to be ineligible for an award. The replacement must be submitted to HESC within 45 days of the end of add/drop period for the term.

The total number of students transmitted on the Recipient List(s) is the control number of student awards. The school may not exceed this control number when adding replacements.

The APTS Recipient List transmission deadline for each school term is obtained from information provided on the annual College Data Survey, completed by the TAP Certifying officer. Any APTS transmissions submitted after the deadline will receive an error message “The time period for submitting transactions for this term has passed”. 

4.3 Required APTS School Information

  • TAP College Code - Schools with more than one TAP code will be informed which code should be used for the APTS program.
  • Academic Year – a four-digit entry indicating academic year (i.e.: 2014-15 will be indicated as 2014).
  • Term – the terms for which the award is being made are coded: 1-Summer, 2-Fall, 3-Winter, 4-Spring


4.4 Required APTS Recipient Information

  • Student’s name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Award Amount – the amount of APTS funds the school has awarded the student for the term. Award cannot exceed $1,000.00 at a semester-based school ($666.66 trimester) or exceed the tuition amount.
  • Net Taxable Income – the total taxable income, plus any support received from a separated or divorced parent, as reported on the student’s application, plus any local Sate and federal pension income and any private pensions and annuities. 
    -Dependent students and students with tax dependent(s) other than a spouse may not have a Net Taxable Income exceeding $50,550. A dependent student’s parental income is included in the calculation.
    -Independent students may not have a net taxable income exceeding $34,250. An independent student’s parental income is not included in the calculation.
  • Independent/Dependent Status – refers to the student’s dependency status.
    I – Independent student for who parental income is not being reported.
    D – Dependent student for whom income is being reported.
    C – Independent student with dependents other than a spouse.

** Note: If a person who is required to report income did not file an income tax return, the obligation to report that person’s income remains. If the applicant, or applicant’s spouse, or the applicant’s parents did not file a tax return, but were required to do so, use the total exemptions and the total income they would have been required to report had they filed a tax return.

4.5 Transaction Processing

Step 1 - Create Initial APTS Recipients online
1. Connect to
2. Click Partner Access / Financial Aid Professionals 
3. Click SecureTransaction Processing 
4. Enter USER ID and password logon
5. Click Grants & Scholarships
6. Under Student / Student Tasks, click “Create Initial APTS Recipient"
7. Enter required information * and click the Submit button
8. A “Create Successful” message will be displayed at the top of the page
9. After the record is submitted, click the Print button for a copy 
10. To add additional recipients, click the Clear button and enter the required information
11. The first three fields will be prefilled after submission of the first recipient

The bottom of the page has a link to help text Working with APTS Transactions. 

Step 2 -Transmit the Initial APTS Recipients List to HESC for processing
1. Under Student Tasks click on “Transmit Initial APTS Recipients”
2. Enter college code, academic year and term and click on the View button

The APTS Batch Transaction List displays:
Transaction records not transmitted to HESC; and
Transaction records transmitted but not processed through the APTS program

The “Batch Processing Indicator” field remains blank until you click the Submit button and Transmit the transaction records to HESC, and the indicator changes to "Y". HESC cannot retrieve the records until a school transmits them. Records will remain in a non-transmitted status and will not be processed.

The APTS Batch Transaction List transactions records no longer appear after processing through the APTS program. You can view the student information by accessing the View Student Record Web page.

4.6 How to View/Update APTS Transactions records

Under Student Tasks, View/Update APTS Transactions, you can change any unprocessed Initial APTS Recipients List transaction records, and you can submit Replacement /Deletion List transaction records.
On the View/Update APTS Transaction screen, enter the college code, academic year, term and for the List type select INTIAL APTS RECIPIENT LIST from the drop down box.
List Types are: 
3 = ROSTER OF RECIPIENTS (Processed APTS Transaction records)

Enter the student's Social Security Number to narrow the search or use the sort function by Student SSN or Student Last Name and click the View button

A message indicating the total APTS transactions returned will be displayed. 

The application will display the message "All transactions must be submitted within 45 days of the Term Add/Drop Date or July 30, whichever date is earlier." Displayed below this message is: “Term Add / Drop Date” and “Last Day to Submit Transactions”. The Term Add/Drop Date is based on information provided within the College data Web pages. The Last Day to Submit Transactions is calculated based on business logic edits. 

To select a student, click on the Details link next to the student you wish to view or update. The Update APTS Initial Recipient Transaction details for the student will be displayed. On this web page you can update the student's name, date of birth, award amount, net taxable income and independent/dependent status. After changes are made, click on the Submit button. To remove this transaction record from the APTS Transactions list, click the Cancel button. 

Note: Student SSN can not be changed on this web page; you must use the Change APTS Student SSNfunction under Student Task. A certification is required when changing the SSN.

4.7 Replacement/Deletion List

The Replacement/Deletion List is used to delete ineligible students and to replace those students with the equal number of eligible students who were not on the Initial Recipient list transmitted to HESC. In the event the institution wants to substitute another eligible student for an ineligible student who has a change in enrollment status, or exhausted TAP eligibility, or was otherwise ineligible, a Replacement/Deletion List is used and is completed in the same manner as the Initial Recipient List.

The total number of students selected for an award for the term cannot exceed the total number of students submitted on the Initial Recipient List(s). The individual award amounts of students being submitted on the Replacement/Deletion List may vary from the award amounts of the students they are replacing.

4.8 Deadline for Submission

The Replacement/Deletion List must be submitted within 45 days of the add/drop date. Any replacements or deletions submitted after the certified Roster of Recipients report is returned to HESC will not be accepted.

4.9 How to Add APTS Replacement Transaction Records

To add a replacement student select the View/Update APTS Transaction screen, enter the college code, academic year, term and for the List type select Replacement/Deletion List from the drop down box. Click on the View button. A message indicating the total transactions returned will be displayed. 

To add a new student click on the Add button located in the middle of the page. 
The Add APTS Replacement Transaction page is displayed. 
Enter all required information and click on the Submit button. 

To delete a student, scroll down the APTS Transactions list and click on the Details link next to the student you wish to delete or amend. The APTS Replacement/Deletion Transaction Details for the requested student will be displayed. On this web page you may delete an entire transaction record for any student no longer eligible for the APTS award by clicking on the Delete button. In doing so, the student will not be considered an APTS recipient for the term and will not be included as part of the total number of students placed on the initial recipient list. 

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