Chapter 6: Payment Reconciliation Report and Payments

6.1 Prepayment to Schools

HESC will provide each participating institution an APTS prepayment amount equal to 25% of the school’s annual allocation of APTS or the full amount of the APTS Roster of Recipients List for the fall term, whichever is less. APTS prepayments are provided for the fall term only.

6.2 Payment Reconciliation Report (List Type 4)

HESC will create a standard report, APTSDOCS (HE8076) Payment Reconciliation Report (List Type 4), when certifications have been submitted and processed. The Payment Reconciliation Report is separated into six Groups. The school should review the Payment Reconciliation Report for accuracy and should contact the APTS Unit for instructions if a student is omitted.

Group 1- Recipients Awards Reimbursed
HESC provides full award reimbursement for students certified with a Cumulative Passing Average. Students achieving a Cumulative Passing Average will be certified with one of the following processing codes:

  • 1-Certified with C.P.A.
  • 2-Certified with C.P.A - 5TH Year
  • 3-Certified with C.P.A-Using Waiver

  • Students with processing codes 1, 2, or 3 must receive the entire APTS award amount awarded to them. 

    Group 2 - Certified Non-CPA
    HESC provides reimbursement up to 10% of the total value of awards made for the term, or the value of the awards for students in Group 2, whichever is less. Students not achieving a Cumulative Passing Average for the term will be certified on the Roster of Recipients with processing code:

    • 4-Certified Non-CPA

    Students with a processing code 4 must receive the entire APTS award amount awarded to them. 

    Group-3 Decertifications by Institution
    HESC will not provide a reimbursement for students who have been decertified by the school. Decertified students are not entitled to an APTS award. Students who are not eligible for an award for “not being in good academic standing” or for “other reasons” will be decertified by their school with one of the following processing codes:

    • 5-Decertified - Not In Good Academic Standing
    • 6-Decertified by College - Miscellaneous Reasons

    Group 4 Decertification by HESC
    HESC will not provide a reimbursement for students who have been decertified by HESC. Decertified students are not entitled to an APTS award Examples: Students decertified by HESC for non-payment reasons:

    • A change form for a prior year was sent in certifying a student resulting in exhausting TAP eligibility
    • A student has prior use of a one-time waiver of good academic standing
    • Institution exceeded maximum number of APTS students

    Group 5 – Ineligible Students
    HESC will not provide a reimbursement for students who have been deleted by the school. Deleted students are not entitled to an APTS award.

    Example: Students deleted by the school on a Replacement/Deletion List.

    Group 6 – Errors 
    HESC will not provide a reimbursement for:

    • Students whose errors were not corrected by the school; or
    • Students whose certifications have not been submitted by the school.


    6.3 APTS Payment Calculation

    Example: A Payment Reconciliation Report reflects a Group 1 value = $5,000 and Group 2 value = $1,000. The following calculations would result:

    APTSFundsFormula500 166

    The Total Payment, less Prepayment, will be sent to the school after certifications have been processed for each term. 

    6.4 Post Certification Changes/Correcting Errors

    Post Certification Change Form
    To make certification changes or correct errors appearing on the Payment Reconciliation Report, you must submit an HE8132 APTS Post Certification Change Form available in HescWeb’s Forms for Professionals.

    When completing the Post Certification Change form, the institution must complete and submit the correct information for the following: college code, college name, term/year (use separate change forms for each term/year), processing code, student’s SSN, student’s name, student’s date of birth, net taxable income and award amount. If indicating a student is enrolled in an approved five-year program, enter a “2” for the processing code and enter a “1” in the five-year program field on the form.

    Deadline for Submission
    Post certification changes intended to certify a student or to increase an award amount must be submitted within 30 days of the processing date of the Payment Reconciliation report.

    Post Certification Changes, which result in previously certified students being decertified or previous award amounts being reduced, will be accepted at any time. 

    6.5 Refunds

    When decertifying a previously certified student, or reducing the award amount, do not send a refund until you receive notification from HESC. HESC will recalculate and generate a revised Payment Reconciliation Report and will inform the school of the amount, if any, owed. The institution will be reimbursed for any supplemental payment resulting from the changes.

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