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Must all of a student’s courses apply to the student’s program of study to be counted in the determination of full-time status?

Yes. For financial aid purposes, all courses that make up a student’s minimum full-time course load must be applicable to the student’s program of study as a general education requirement, major requirement, or elective. The Regulations of the Commissioner of Education define full-time and part-time study and specify that the courses must be “an integral part of the student’s program.”

There is one exception to this requirement. Section 145-2.1(e) of the Regulations provides that: 

“Where full-time or part-time study is required, it shall be required during the final semester in the same manner as for any other semester of study, even if not necessary in order to complete graduation requirements. . . .” 

Therefore, if the student needs fewer than 12 semester hours to complete the program of study, other courses may be included to achieve full- time status even if not required to complete graduation requirements.

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