Grants and Scholarships - Accelerated Study Questions and Answers

Are HEOP students eligible for a summer TAP award during the summer preceding their first semester of college?
No. In order to be eligible for a summer "accelerated" TAP award, as with any student, HEOP students must meet the new accelerated study requirements.
When will schools have to first evaluate students for accelerated study?
The summer of 2007 is the first term that needs to be evaluated for schools whose summer term is not part of the regular academic calendar. This includes public colleges (SUNY, CUNY) and most independent colleges and universities.

For schools that have continuous enrollment, whose regular calendar allows students to attend 3 semesters or 4 trimesters in a calendar year, the first accelerated term that needs to be evaluated would be the third semester in 2006-07 academic year or 4th trimester of the 2006-07 award year.
Can remedial courses be used towards the eligibility requirement of 24 credits or more needed for the prior two semesters?
Yes, effective 4/1/07 the equivalent of three credits per semester (or two credits per trimester) may be remedial courses. Therefore, a student who has successfully completed three equivalent credits of remedial work in each of the prior two semesters would be eligible for an accelerated payment after having earned a total of 18 credits in the preceding two semesters or three trimesters. Statute allows substituting only three equivalent credits of remedial study per semester. As such, a student who successfully completes six equivalent credits of remedial work in one semester and no remedial courses in the next semester, would need to earn 21 credits in the prior two semesters to be eligible for an accelerated payment.
Can a school certify for accelerated study if only six credits are applicable to the students degree?
No. A student must earn a minimum of 24 credits applicable to their degree in the prior two semesters to be eligible for accelerated study with the exception of six equivalent credits of remedial courses. (see Q&A above for remedial course requirements) 
Do the credits need to be earned credits in order to be counted for accelerated study?
Yes, the 24 credits must be earned credits with the exception of the option to take up to the equivalent of six credits in remedial study. 
Is the student required to attend full-time in order to be eligible for accelerated study?
Although the credits may be earned in any combination i.e. 6 credits fall/18 credits spring, the term preceding the accelerated term must be full-time.
If a student changes their degree program, ex: from a BS to a BA, will they still be eligible for accelerated study if they earn 24 credits applicable to their BS degree?
Yes. The credits should be applicable to the degree program in which the student was enrolled in the terms the credits were earned.
Will HESC be developing a sample chart for trimester schools' accelerated study?
HESC has developed a sample chart to be used as a tool for determining when students need to be evaluated for accelerated study.
What term is considered the accelerated term for quarter schools?
The first 3 terms are considered a regular program of study for the academic year and the 4th term will be considered the accelerated study.
Are transfer credits acceptable for accelerated study?
No. The 24 or more earned credits must be received from the institution where the student is accelerating their study.
Do the accelerated study requirements apply to New York State Scholarships?
Requirements for accelerated study apply to all full-time study scholarships that do not allow for part-time study. The following scholarships are not affected by the accelerated study requirements.
  • NYS Volunteer Recruitment Service Scholarship
  • Veterans Tuition Awards
  • Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship
What certification code is used to decertify students for accelerated study?
Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for TAP and State administered scholarships can be decertified using Certification Code 7: Decertified - does not meet the accelerated study requirements.

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