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Transfer Student

In the financial aid context, a transfer student is a student who is changing from one institution to another institution that the student has not attended previously. Students who change from one program to another or from one school to another within the same institution should not be considered transfer students. A student who is returning to an institution previously attended is a readmitted student.

If a student loses good academic standing for financial aid purposes, the student can transfer to another institution and regain eligibility for the initial term upon entry.

When an institution admits a transfer student and accepts credits in transfer toward a degree, that admissions assessment and information about the number of State financial aid awards the student may have received will determine placement at the appropriate point on the institution’s chart of satisfactory academic progress. 

A transfer student can be placed on the chart based either on the number of credits earned and accepted in transfer or on the number of award payments received—whichever is more beneficial to the student. If placed on the chart based on credits accepted, the student should be placed at the point closest to but not greater than the number of credits being transferred.

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