Conditional Admission

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Conditional Admission

Students who are admitted conditionally and not considered to be fully matriculated are ineligible for State student aid.

Section 145-2.4(c) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education on matriculated status states that:

A student shall be considered matriculated only if the courses pursued by the student are fully recognized at that time as contributing towards fulfillment by the student of the requirements for completion of the program. A student required to complete certain courses to make up deficiencies in background or training may be considered matriculated if acceptance and credit are not conditioned upon additional or special requirements designed to establish the qualifications of the student to pursue the program successfully. However, if credit is conditional, depending upon satisfactory completion of certain special and additional requirements, then the student shall not be considered to be fully matriculated.

Institutions are advised to review the admissions section in their catalogs to assure that the information provided makes clear that if a student is admitted conditionally, then the student is ineligible for State student financial aid.

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