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Credit is defined in section 50.1(n) of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education as “a unit of academic award applicable towards a degree offered by the institution.” Essentially interchangeable with the term credit is “semester hour.” As defined in section 50.1(o) of the regulations:

Semester hour means a credit, point, or other unit granted for the satisfactory completion of a course which requires at least 15 hours (of 50 minutes each) of instruction and at least 30 hours of supplementary assignments, except as otherwise provided pursuant to section 52.2(c)(4) of this Subchapter. This basic measure shall be adjusted proportionately to translate the value of other academic calendars and formats of study in relation to the credit granted for study during the two semesters that comprise an academic year.
Remedial courses do not carry credit since, by definition, the courses are not applicable towards a degree offered by the institution. Some institutions offer “developmental” courses, usually understood to consist of some combination of credit-bearing degree level work and noncredit remedial work.

Although not defined in regulation, a “quarter credit” is equal to two-thirds of a semester credit. For example, eight semester hours equates to twelve quarter credits. (Twelve quarter credits multiplied by two-thirds equals eight semester credits.)

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