Duplicative Benefits (Duplicate Award)

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Duplicative Benefits (Duplicate Award)

A duplicative benefit is an award that duplicates the purpose of another award. Duplicative benefits are those that duplicate the purpose of TAP, STAP, APTS, or Veterans Tuition Awards—i.e., tuition awards. (They have no effect on other State programs.) The total of TAP, STAP, APTS, and/or Veterans Tuition Awards and the duplicate benefit cannot exceed the student’s tuition liability. When other benefits are duplicative, the TAP, STAP, APTS, and/or Veterans Tuition Awards are reduced accordingly.

Examples of duplicative benefits:

  • Any federal educational grant or scholarship that provides tuition assistance such as ROTC scholarships is duplicative. When awarding tuition benefits, Chapter 31 Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation is considered duplicative.
  • Any state grant administered by other State agencies that provides assistance to cover tuition charges is duplicative. However, grants that are limited to the difference between tuition and TAP are not duplicative.
  • Institutional aid that is based on a general competition and that, when combined with other aid, would exceed the student’s cost of attendance is duplicative. Tuition remission or tuition waivers—such as waivers granted for status as a faculty dependent or service as a graduate assistant—that are not based on need are also duplicative.
  • Other private aid that, when combined with other forms of assistance would exceed the student’s cost of attendance, is duplicative.

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