Failure to Make Progress

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Failure to Make Progress

To remain eligible for State student financial assistance, a student must remain in good academic standing. Good academic standing consists of two elements, defined in section 145-2.2 of theRegulations of the Commissioner of Education: (1) make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree and (2) pursue the program of study. 

To make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, a student must earn a minimum number of credits with a minimum grade point average each term an award is received. If the student fails to make progress toward a degree—either by failing to accrue sufficient credits or by failing to achieve a sufficient cumulative grade point average--the student loses eligibility for a subsequent award. The student can regain eligibility in one of four ways:

  1. make up the deficiency without benefit of State financial assistance;
  2. be eligible for and granted a one-time waiver;
  3. stay out of school for one calendar year; or
  4. transfer to and be accepted at another institution.

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