TASC and Financial Aid Eligibility

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TASC and Financial Aid Eligibility

One way that you can demonstrate eligibility for New York State student financial aid is by earning a high school equivalency diploma.

You can earn a high school equivalency diploma from the New York State Education Department in one of two ways: (1) by taking and achieving passing scores on the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) formally known as the GED test* or (2) by completing 24 semester hour credits in specified subjects as a recognized candidate for a degree at an approved (accredited) institution. The 24 credits must include 6 credits in english, 3 credits in mathematics, 3 credits in the natural sciences, 3 credits in the social sciences, and 6 credits in any other courses that can apply to your degree or certificate program requirements. Your college counselor or advisor can assist you to assure that you are taking the appropriate courses to satisfy the 24-credit requirement.

For purposes of meeting TAP eligibility criteria, the 24 credits can include courses in which you earned D grades, providing the D was a passing grade and you earned credit for the course.

If you transfer from one institution to another, credits earned at both institutions can be used to determine whether you meet the 24-credit requirement, providing you earned the credits at an accredited college or university and the credits are listed on an official transcript. Even if the college to which you are transferring does not accept all the credits you earned at a previous institution, as long as the prior credits are documented on an official transcript from an accredited college they can be used to satisfy the 24-credit requirement for a high school equivalency diploma.

*The GED refers to the test of General Educational Development. Passing scores on the TASC test result in the State Education Department awarding a student a high school equivalency diploma.

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