Grade Changes

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Grade Changes

The student’s academic transcript is the primary record for grades and grade changes. Since grade changes can have an impact on whether a student maintains good academic standing and remains eligible for financial aid, it is important to document such changes.

Section 52.2(e)(6) of theRegulations of the Commissioner of Education states:

The institution shall maintain for each student a permanent, complete, accurate, and up-to-date transcript of student achievement at the institution. This document will be the official cumulative record of the student’s cumulative achievement. 

In accordance with the regulation, when a grade for a course is changed, the original grade as well as the new grade must be shown so that there is a permanent and complete record. Other documentation can include faculty and/or registrar approvals of grade changes.

When a student repeats a course to earn a better grade, both the first grade and the grade earned for the repeated course must be recorded on the academic transcript.