Readmitted Student

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Readmitted Student

A readmitted student is a student who is returning to an institution previously attended.

Students who are dismissed and have failed to maintain good academic standing for financial aid purposes may regain eligibility for State student aid upon readmission under the following conditions: the student is returning to college after an absence of at least one calendar year; has not received State financial assistance at another institution; and meets the institution’s academic requirements for readmission. Note: if the student was dismissed for academic reasons but nevertheless met the TAP good academic standing requirements for a subsequent payment, the student is eligible on readmission.

In readmitting a student who has been dismissed for academic reasons, the institution should maintain a record that shows that due consideration has been given to the reasons for the student’s prior loss of good academic standing. Additionally, the institution should determine that the student can benefit from study at the institution and that the institution will provide the instructional and other support the student needs to remedy academic deficiencies and complete the program. 

Students who have lost good academic standing, are absent from school for at least one calendar year, and are then readmitted by the institution may be placed on the chart of satisfactory academic progress based either on the number of credits earned or number of award payments received, whichever is more beneficial to the student. The student is eligible for an award for the first term upon readmission but must then meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements to be eligible for subsequent awards.

A student readmitted to an institution that they attended previously, who has received two or more years of award payments, must have a C average or better to receive further State student aid. The student’s cumulative grade point average would be based on prior grades earned at the institution.

While “beneficial placement” affects a student’s position on the chart of satisfactory academic progress, the student’s pursuit requirement is based on the total number of award payments the student had received, before and after readmission.

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