Remedial Study

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Remedial Study

Students can receive state student financial assistance while enrolled in remedial courses.

For TAP and other general awards, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education permit a full-time student enrolling for up to 12 semester hours to carry at least six credit equivalent hours of remedial courses as part of the minimum full-time course load, except that in the first semester of college level study, a student need carry only three degree credits.

A part-time student who enrolls for a minimum course load of at least six semester hours can include three credit equivalent hours of remedial study. However, for certain award programs that require a minimum of only three credits, a student who enrolls for the minimum would not be able to enroll in a remedial course. 

  • Remedial courses do not carry credit, since credit is defined in the regulations as a "unit of academic award applicable towards a degree at the institution."
  • Remedial noncredit courses can be used to determine full-time status, but only credit-bearing courses need to be applicable to the student's program as a general education requirement, major requirement or elective. Since remedial courses do not carry credit, they are not applicable to the student's program requirements nor are they included in a student's grade point average.
  • Remedial courses can be used to meet the pursuit requirement, because pursuit is a measure of effort. Thus passing or failing grades, in credit-bearing or noncredit remedial courses, can all be used to meet this requirement. Effort means the student has enrolled in a full-time (or part-time) course load and has completed--received a grade in--a specified percentage of that course load.
  • Remedial courses cannot be used to meet satisfactory academic progress requirements since SAP is a measure of achievement, of credits earned toward a degree with a minimum grade point average. 

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