Retroactive Matriculation

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Retroactive Matriculation

To be eligible for State student financial aid, a student must be matriculated in an approved program. Section 145-2.4 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education describes the criteria for a student to be considered in matriculated status. 

In certain limited circumstances, a student can be matriculated retroactively and be eligible for financial aid as provided by paragraph (d) of section 145-2.4, as follows:

  • Retroactive matriculation by the school shall not establish retroactive eligibility for student aid unless such retroactive action was necessary to correct clerical error or administrative delay in reviewing the application of a student who was in fact eligible for matriculation as of the retroactive date.

The onus is on the institution to demonstrate that the student was eligible and that the delay in establishing the student’s matriculated status was due to clerical error or delays in reviewing the student’s application. 

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