FAFSA Completion Initiative Overview

The U.S. Department of Education is partnering with state student grant agencies to launch the FAFSA Completion Initiative.  

For many students – particularly students from low-income backgrounds – completing the FAFSA form is a critical step in making the dream of attending and completing college a reality.  Filing the FAFSA form is required in order for students to receive access to Title IV student aid programs like the federal Pell Grant and federal student loans. It is also used by New York State resident students to apply for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), and other state financial aid programs.  

The FAFSA is also used by many colleges and universities in awarding institution-based aid.  Research has shown that receiving financial aid is associated with increased chances of college enrollment and persistence; nonetheless, millions of students do not file a FAFSA each year, and many who do not file may be eligible for federal and other student aid.

The FAFSA Completion Initiative allows HESC to share specific, limited information about FAFSA form completion with high schools and school districts, helping you to encourage and assist students in completing and filing a FAFSA form.  HESC will also be providing TAP filing status data, which will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the initiative for New York State resident students.
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