Financial Awareness and Consumer Training for Students (FACTS)

Give your students the FACTS. Help them build a better financial future.

Did You Know

Out of 962 first-year students from five colleges and universities across the United States:

  • 37% said that finances are a significant source of stress
  • 60% did not create a budget for the current school year
  • 70% either currently have student loans or plan to borrow before they finish school

Students need a good financial education in order to make informed personal finance decisions and use credit wisely. That's why HESC has created the Financial Awareness and Consumer Training for Students (FACTS) program, an online, instructor-led program.

FACTS will help Financial Aid Administrators and High School Counselors with their efforts to increase student awareness of the dangers of accumulating too much debt and the benefits of saving. FACTS will give students a basic understanding of finance and credit. It may even help to reduce a college's loan default rate.

The FACTS Program

FACTS is a customizable financial literacy curriculum for students. It is presented as modules, each targeted toward a different age level or concentration. The presentations are rich in content yet easy to understand. Created using straightforward language, they cover practical topics such as:

  • How to Manage Credit
  • The Use of Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards
  • Spending Plans
  • Personal Financial Management Skills
  • Identity Protection 

Customized To Your Students Needs

FACTS modules are downloadable at any time.

FACTS Modules
Module TitleTarget Audience
Module 1: Smart Start Younger, perhaps first time college students
Module 2: Understanding Credit and Credit Cards Older or graduate students
Module 3: Identity Protection All students
Module 4: Money Wise ... Your Financial 411 High school students

Once downloaded, the modules can be delivered at your convenience. You decide on the best venue for your students, i.e., at workshops, assemblies, orientations, entrance or exit counseling sessions, and/or as part of a residential life program. Schools can present modules using the detailed speaker notes and useful handouts, or a HESC professional can present for you.

We’re Here to Support You

HESC strives to provide superior service to your college and your students. HESC trainers are ready to present FACTS at your high school or college campus.