Pay for College

Explore Grants, Scholarships & Other "Free Money"

New York State offers a variety of grants and scholarships for residents who plan to attend in-state colleges:

Apply for Federal & State Aid.

Applying for financial aid can be a lot of work, but it can also save you thousands of dollars in college costs—and doesn’t need to be repaid.  Learn more here.

Connect with Financial Planning Tools

  • TAP Estimator approximates the amount of the TAP award you may be eligible to receive, up to $5,665
  • College Finance Advisor creates a personalized Pay for College Action Plan based on your borrowing needs and circumstances
  • Financial Aid Award Comparison Tool helps you get to the bottom line cost for each college and make informed decisions about which school to attend
  • Burden of Debt Calculator estimates your monthly college loan payments and the salary you’ll need to manage them without difficulty
  • Financial Aid Award Letter Comparison Tool helps you evaluate your financial aid packages and determine the bottom line cost – the difference between the cost of attendance and your financial aid package – for each college, and compare to see which is the best financial fit for you.

Learn the Financial Aid Basics

Financial aid comes in many forms: grants, scholarships, institutional aid, work-study programs and loans. Learn more about the types of financial aid available, and how colleges award it.

Assess Student Loans

If you’ve exhausted all federal and state sources of aid to help pay college costs, you may still need a federal or private loan to make up the difference.

Be a Smart Borrower

Student loans can help you pay for the education you need. Learn about the borrowing basics, including what to know before you borrow.

Take Advantage of Special Interest Opportunities
Military Youth in Care
Adult Students Students with Disabilities
Transfer Students Graduate Study Aid
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