What is STEM?

STEM encompasses a number of careers in the fields of
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Math

These are careers that create, discover or apply new ways to make life better for everyone in your community, your state, your nation and the world.

People attracted to STEM are:

  • Investigative - Interested in finding out, analyzing and exploring

  • Realistic - Interested in solving problems

  • Organized - Interested in processing and record-keeping

  • Creative - Interested in creating new things and “thinking out of the box”

Why should I consider a STEM career?

  • STEM careers are in high demand

  • Earn good pay

  • Earn respect

  • Learn new things

  • Create new technologies

  • Become a valuable asset to your community

Surprising occupations involving STEM:

  • Forensic technician in a police department (help solve crimes)

  • Food chemist (create new types of foods)

  • Ethical hacker (detect flaws in computer systems)

  • UX (user experience) designer (make websites easier to use)

  • Construction site manager (build things better and more efficiently)

  • Urban park forester (manage public and private forested lands and parks for economic, recreational, and conservation purposes)

  • Sonographer (help doctors diagnose diseases and injuries using ultrasound technology)

  • Veterinary technician (help keep pets healthy at a clinic or help scientists do research in a lab)

  • Biomedical engineer (develop cutting-edge technologies for health care products including artificial organs, instruments, prosthetics and care delivery systems)

STEM careers pay!

Occupation  Annual Median Wages*
Actuaries $126,640
Architectural and Civil Drafters $57,440
Biological Technicians $49,920
Biomedical Engineers $85,140
Civil Engineering Technicians $60,260
Computer Systems Analysts $96,750
Database Administrators $91,990
Electrical Engineers $99,690
Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health $74,550
Industrial Engineers $87,100
Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists $78,860
Network and Computer Systems Administrators $90,140
Software Developers, Systems Software $113,470
Surveyors $66,700

*Half the workers were paid above and half were paid below this value

Source: New York State Department of Labor

Get Started in STEM

  • Take classes in science, technology, engineering, and math

  • Join math and science clubs and participate in activities that build your knowledge of STEM

  • Participate in STEM-based summer camps in your local community

  • Take advantage of internship opportunities in high school and college

  • Explore careers that interest you at

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