Financial Aid Services Bulletin 2013 - 004

The NYS Math & Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship (MSTI) 2012-13 rosters are ready for certification. To obtain and certify these rosters:

  • Use HESCWeb's Transaction Processing in the College Administrator section of Select Grants and Scholarships, and log in. Select the Reports tab then Details next to SU8069 Consolidated Scholarship Roster (CSR) to view/print the 800 series rosters.
  • Print the SU8069 for each term.
  • Certify each student's award on the CSR for each term.
  • Mail the completed CSR to HESC.

Each student must earn at least 27 credit hours, or the equivalent, each year, in a course of study leading to a secondary education degree in the fields of math or science. The certifying officer must record, in the STATUS field of the CSR, the number of credit hours completed by the student for that term. In cases where the student attended a summer term, add the number of summer and fall earned credits together and record the total in the fall status field.

NOTE: The student’s eligibility cannot be determined by HESC without the credits listed on the roster. 

Certification instructions specific to Math and Science Scholarships can be found in Appendix "J" of the Programs, Policies & Procedures Manual.

Disbursement of Scholarship Funds

Schools must complete and certify student eligibility for this scholarship for all applicable terms and they must receive a Remittance Advice (authorizing payment) prior to disbursing the scholarship funds. 

Students are not entitled to awards until they have successfully completed the academic year. You must not disburse scholarship money until you receive a Remittance Advice (RA) confirming the awards are final.