Financial Aid Services Bulletin 2015-001

The 2015-16 College Data Survey is Available on HESCWeb

The 2015-16 College Data Survey is now available on the Web. The survey is used to collect your school’s information for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), Aid for Part-time Study (APTS) and scholarship processing. Since this data will be used to process your students' 2015-16 state aid, your school's information must be updated by March 31, 2015.

Access the College Data Survey

TAP Certifying Officers should click on HESC Transaction Processing (Secure) and log on to Grants and Scholarships. Then click on the College tab and select either View/Update College Data or List College Codes by Federal Code.

TAP Certifying Officer Requirements

TAP Certifying Officers can view the data displayed on the survey and update the information as needed. This survey may only be updated by TAP Certifying Officers.

To submit data updates via the Web, TAP Certifying Officers must have Web update authorization. Request authorization by contacting HESC’s Help Desk at 1-888-NYS-HESC (1-888-697-4372).

Other authorized staff will have the ability to view the data but will not be able to update information.

Updating Term Information

Term Tuition and Start/End Dates
Term information is required for calculating TAP awards and processing payments. Updates must be provided by March 31, 2015. Incorrect tuition or dates could affect TAP award calculations and payments to your institution.

  • If awards for accelerated summer study are available, report tuition charged for "half-time" attendance.
  • Schools set up on a semester basis must have terms that are 15 weeks in duration; Schools set up on a trimester/quarter basis must have terms that are 10 weeks in duration.
    • Failure to meet these requirements may affect a school’s eligibility for NYS financial aid. Questions regarding term length should be directed to the New York State Education Department’s Office of College and University Evaluation at (518) 474-2593.

Mandatory Fees, Room & Board Allowance and Cost of Attendance
This information is used to calculate or estimate scholarship awards that are not based on tuition. Enter the appropriate information as follows:

  • Mandatory Fees – Average fees charged to all students.
  • Room and Board Allowance – Average cost of room and board charged by the college for a typical student. (If no student housing, leave blank.)
  • Cost of Attendance – Use Title IV cost of attendance.
  • Term Add/Drop Dates – This is required for the APTS Program. As with term start dates, the accuracy of this data is crucial to APTS processing.

Registered Business Schools

The total program tuition at registered business schools must be prorated by term. For example, if the total program tuition is $6,000 and it takes four terms to complete the program, the term tuition is $1,500 ($6,000 divided by four).

Registered business schools must submit a copy of their enrollment agreements for all TAP-eligible programs and a document listing all start and end dates for terms with multiple start dates.

The enrollment agreements must indicate the term length or term structure. Total program tuition and term tuition should also be stated on the enrollment agreements.

College Survey Deadline and Post Deadline Updates

College and Term Information must be submitted via the Web by March 31, 2015. If changes to college information are necessary after March 31, 2015, TAP Certifying Officers should send a detailed email to HESC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This address may also be used to address any questions concerning the Payment Survey process.

Update Your School’s Contact Information

Contact information may be updated by TAP Certifying Officers at any time when staff changes occur. HESC strongly encourages TAP Certifying Officers to review their school’s contact information, including CEO or college president information, and submit updates, accurate emails for APTS Coordinators are also important as HESC will send processing deadline notifications to the email addresses listed.

Important: Please remember to notify HESC when staff are no longer authorized to access your college or student data on HESCWeb.