Steps to Ensure Continuing Financial Aid at Your New School

Whether graduating and continuing your education elsewhere or transferring from your current school, students planning on attending a new school next semester should take the following actions to be certain they continue to receive their financial aid.
  • Change your TAP college code if you are transferring and are eligible to receive TAP or New York State scholarships. Change it at Student Access, by logging in using your HescPIN.
  • Add your new school to your federal student aid record if you had not already listed it when you filed your FAFSA by logging on using your FSA ID.
  • Talk to the financial aid officer at your new school to confirm their process for receiving aid. You may need to complete new forms if their requirements differ from those of your previous school.
  • Review any federal or private student loan terms and be sure you complete any necessary forms, such as deferment forms or school certifications, to maintain the correct status.
Be sure to save all paperwork and stay in touch with the financial aid office at your new school to ensure a smooth transition.
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