Your Resume

You'll need a resume for some college applications, as well as when applying for a job, internship or even a volunteer position. It’s important to give your resume to the people you have asked to write a letter of recommendation for you. You should also give one to your counselor for your file.

Your resume is a brief, one-page profile of you, highlighting your accomplishments and activities throughout high school.

Here’s a guide to help you write your resume.


On the top include your name, address, phone number and email address. Be sure your email address and voicemail message aren’t offensive in any way.

Objective (optional)

Write a brief statement, one to two sentences, that describes what you are looking to do and/or accomplish. This can change depending on the purpose of your resume – is it for a college application or job, for example.


List the name of the high school you attend and your anticipated graduation year. If available, you may want to include your GPA, class rank or standardized test scores.

Awards and Achievements

Describe any academic awards, including honor or high honor roll, contests, essay writing or science fair awards. Include the date and a brief description. Put the awards in order starting with the most recent.

Extracurricular Activities

List your school clubs, sports, and volunteer activities, including any leadership positions you have held, as well as outside school activities, such as art, dance or music endeavors, and other religious groups or volunteer activities in which you have participated.

Work Experience

Briefly describe your responsibilities in work and volunteer positions. Work experience may include a part-time job, helping out with your family’s business, mowing lawns, delivering newspapers or babysitting. Include the job title, name of business/organization, location and dates of employment.


Include any special skills, trips, projects, interests or hobbies that are important to you or make you stand out.


Include the name, address, email and phone number of two to three people who will give you a good reference. This may be a previous or current employer, mentor or teacher. Let them know you'd like to use them as a reference and send them a thank you note.


 Resume Sample


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