Questions to Ask Your Counselor

20 questions for your high school counselor

  1. What classes do I need to take to meet graduation requirements?
  2. What classes should I take to be ready for college?
  3. How should I plan my schedule to fit all these classes in?
  4. What electives should I take?
  5. What AP courses or honor classes are available? Which would you recommend I take?
  6. Which standardized tests should I take and when should I take them?
  7. How should I study for the standardized tests - the SAT and the ACT? Is there any help offered at the school?
  8. What activities should I participate in during the school year and during the summer to prepare for college? How can I build my resume?
  9. What are my grades? How am I doing? Ask to see your transcript.
  10. If you need academic help, ask how to best get additional help at school, or a referral for tutoring services.
  11. Do you have college handbooks or materials I can review?
  12. Can you help me develop a list of colleges to research based on my interests and the type of college I want to attend?
  13. Do you have a schedule of college fairs that I should attend?
  14. Do you have any information to help me start exploring careers and majors?
  15. Do you have a list of scholarships and awards that I can work towards and apply for?
  16. What are the application requirements for the colleges I'm interested in?
  17. Can you help me with financial aid forms? If not, where can I get help?
  18. Do you write letters of recommendation?
  19. Does the school offer any financial aid nights or college workshops?
  20. What else can I be doing right now to prepare for college?
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