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Remedial Definition for SAP

Effective with the 2010-11 academic year, Education law requires a student who's first award year is in 2010 -11 and thereafter to meet new standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Those meeting the definition of “remedial student” will not be subject to the new academic standards, but will remain on the 2006 SAP chart. For purposes of determining whether students shall be considered remedial, the following definition has been enacted:,/p>

“Remedial student” is defined as a student:
(a) whose scores on a recognized college placement exam or nationally recognized standardized exam indicated the need for remediation for at least two semesters, as certified by the college and approved by the State Education Department (SED); or
(b) who was enrolled in at least six semester hours of non-credit remedial courses, as approved by SED, in the first term they received a TAP award; or 
(c) who is or was enrolled in an opportunity program (HEOP, EOP, SEEK CD).

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