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      A college degree can provide your student with many more opportunities in life.

      More Money

      Studies show that in 2009, young adults with a four-year bachelor's degree earned more than twice as much as those who dropped out of high school. Four-year college graduates earned 50 percent more than those who went only to high school; and 25 percent more than students who earned a two-year associate's degree.

      More Job Opportunities

      Today, more jobs rely on new technology requiring more general knowledge and specialized skill. In your student's future, most jobs will require education beyond high school. With a college education, your student will have many more jobs from which to choose.

      More Potential

      A college education helps increase understanding of our world, our nation and our own communities. College helps students discover new areas of knowledge, develop new interests, create new lifelong goals and become responsible citizens.

      More Knowledge

      A college education increases your student's ability to understand developments in science and in society, to think abstractly and critically, to express thoughts clearly in speech and in writing and make wise decisions — skills that are useful both on and off the job.

      Your student may not realize now how important going to college is, but you can help by sharing your own hopes and dreams for them. Let your student know that, although they will make the final decision whether or not to go, you will be there to help and support them along the way to college.

      You can help in the decision-making process by learning about all aspects of college yourself and sharing what you learn with your child.

      The College Edge

      Countless studies show people with a college degree have better success in finding and keeping a job, make more money and enjoy a better quality of life.


      Think you have a good reason not to go to college?  Think again.

      What’s Your Reason?

      You want to get a job right after high school to start making money.

      With a college education you will make more money over your lifetime, more than $1 million, in fact.

      You can work to make some money while you are in college. This site will show you how to balance work and college.

      You didn't graduate from high school.

      It's not too late — start by getting your GED. One in 20 college freshmen earned their high school credential by taking and passing the GED tests. You can too!

      College is too expensive.

      College costs money but it is an investment in your future ability to make money.

      Plus, financial aid is available from many sources to help make college more affordable.

      No one in your family has ever gone to college.

      You can be the first.

      You’re not an A student.

      You don't have to be. All types of students get accepted to and graduate from all types of colleges. You DO have to work hard.  But colleges offer a variety of resources to help students succeed.

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      The High School Counselors section contains tools and support for you. Use them to help your students choose the right college and receive maximum financial aid.

      Link to professional associations. Keep up with what’s new in financial aid.

      Don't stop here though. You'll find the college planning and financing resources for students in College and Career PlanningPaying for Collegeand throughout the Students, Families, Borrowers and Counselors section of HESC.ny.gov

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      College financial aid professionals can find information about the services HESC provides to help them help students.

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