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You’ve Completed your TAP Application… Now What?

Ever wonder what happens after you submit your TAP application? Keep reading to learn what happens next and even how to prevent delays in the processing of your application.

  • Once you complete and submit your TAP application, HESC reviews your data to verify that your information is complete and accurate.
  • After your application is reviewed, income provided on your application is sent to NYS Taxation and Finance for verification. If the income is verified, no further action is needed regarding your income.
  • If your income cannot be verified, you will receive an email from HESC notifying you that we have been unable to verify your income. You should review your financial information in your HESC account to determine if the information entered in your application exactly matches the information provided on the tax return filed with NYS Tax.
  • To review your financial aid information, follow these instructions:
  • Log in to your HESC Student Account
  • Click on the “Review My NYS Financial Aid Information” and log in
  • Click “Details” next to the last TAP activity date.
  • On the details page, go to “Review/Update” button where you can make changes to the TAP application. This information must match the information provided on the tax return filed with NYS Tax.
  • In some instances, you may be asked for additional information or documentation about you or your parent’s marital status, income, residency, or other issues. This is to ensure we understand your dependency status, whose income should be used and your state of residency to enable processing to continue. These requests, and all updates regarding your award, will appear in your HESC Student Account. You’ll also receive a reminder email to check your account when updates are made.
  • Once your application is finalized, both you and your college will receive an estimated award.
Want to help prevent delays? Be sure you have submitted all required documentation and included all required signatures. Failure to sign your application is one of the most common reasons for processing delays.

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