Set aside time.
    Schedule times to study and complete the items on your to-do list.
    Find what time of day you do your best work.


    Make a to-do list every day.
    Put the things that have to be done today or are the most important on top of the list and do them first.

    study plate

    Make the most of your time.
    Use any extra time to get something done like studying or reading.
    Even if you have only 10 spare minutes.

LEARN good study habits

Make daily lists of assignments, study time, and test dates.
Put things that have to be done today or the most important tasks, on top of your list. Check off completed items.

Decide what you should spend more time on. You’ll need more time for courses or assignments that are a struggle for you.

Get organized.
Have a system to keep papers and assignments organized.

Give yourself a break.
Reward yourself for work well done.

Take notes.
Take good notes and review them daily.

Set aside quiet time to study every day.
If you can't find a quiet place at home, try your local library. Pick a time when you’re not rushed or tired.

Share the learning.
Join or start a study group or study with a friend.

Find your learning style.
This may be drawing pictures or charts, reading aloud, having someone else read to you or making outlines.

First things first.
Put your schoolwork ahead of other commitments. This means saying no to friends and family when you have to.

Stay Motivated!

It's important to stay on track. Here’s how:

  • Prioritize your to-do list by importance and deadline.
  • Challenge yourself or try something new.
  • Break big projects down into smaller projects.
  • Reach out to your support system.
  • Reward yourself.

Prepare for the SAT & ACT

Many high schools offer prep. classes or study guides. Check with your counselor before you buy study guides to see if they have any copies you can borrow.

Collegeboard.com and ACTstudent.org offer free online study guides, practice tests and questions of the day.

Prep courses are also available through private prep companies.

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