Preparing for College

Start your plan to get to college NOW.  The earlier you start planning for college, the more prepared you’ll be.

Get on the path to graduate from high school. Visit for additional information on the different Diploma Types.

Every year, prepare for your Regents Exams with the Regents Review 2.0.

prepare why go to college create a high school plan start exploring careers choose a college apply to college
Why go to college?
College gives you more - more money, more opportunity, more stability. Discuss your career goals and college plans with your family and school counselor.
Create a high school plan.
Know what classes to take, meet with your counselor, and take your standardized tests. Use our checklists to stay on track!
Start exploring careers.
Discover your interests and talents to help you choose a career. This will help you choose a major.
Choose a college.
Search colleges, attend college fairs, go on campus tours. Need help choosing? Think about your college preferences such as size, location and cost.
Apply to college.
It's time to apply to your "choice" colleges. Get help understanding and preparing your application documents.
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