Pay for College

Know What Type of Financial Aid is Available.

Financial aid comes in many forms: grants, scholarships, institutional aid, work-study programs and loans. Always start with the FREE money! Learn more.

Apply for Federal & State Aid.

Learning about and applying for all available financial aid can be a lot of work, but it's worth it! Follow the steps to applying for financial aid and you may save thousands of dollars in student loans!  Learn more.

You Are Accepted! Compare Award Letters.

The Financial Aid Awards Comparison Tool will help you evaluate your financial aid packages and determine the bottom line cost at each school. See the true cost of each college you are considering.  Learn more.

Create a Pay for College Action Plan.

Be sure to use the College Finance Advisor to get the best financing options based on you and your situation. Get started now!

Be a Smart Borrower.

 Student loans can help you pay for the education you need. Here are the steps you can take to be a smart borrower and to make it easier for you to pay back your student loans.  Learn more.