Interest Capitalization Estimator

Estimate your future monthly payments for your student loans, as well as the minimum estimated salary to make the payments on this debt with the HESC Interest Capitalization Estimator.

The estimator pre-fills with common loan terms in the changeable fields. Try varying the terms to see how your total repayment amount and monthly payments are affected. For the most accurate results, enter the actual information from your loan.

Required information is marked with an required field indicator .

required field indicator Is your fee deducted from your loan amount, or added to it?
required field indicator What is your payment type?
Answer only if payment type is either "Full Deferment" or "Interest Only".
required field indicator Expected date of graduation:

When considering what loan amount you can afford, your payment should be no more than 10 percent of your income.

HESC Interest Capitalization Estimator Results

Your estimated monthly payment is what you must pay each month on your loan. Please keep in mind that, in addition to paying for your student loan every month, you will have other expenses such as food, rent, transportation, insurance, entertainment, etc.

It is estimated that you will need an annual salary of at least $XX,XXX.XX to be able to afford to repay this loan amount. This estimate assumes that you will commit XX% of your gross monthly income to repaying your student loans.

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