Establish Support Systems


Getting through the college-planning journey requires a lot from you.  Don't do it alone. 


Establish a strong support team to help guide you through the important journey of prepraring for college.  Supporters can include:

Your High School Counselor

Your high school counselor is one of the best resources for college planning.

It's up to you to keep your counselor informed about your plans for college from your very first appointment during your freshman year, and throughout your time in high school. 

Your counselor will advise you on what classes and college entrance exams to take, help with career planning and finding colleges that may be right for you, guide you through the application process, send transcripts, get recommendations, and more.

Take this list of questions with you to start your conversation with your HS counselor.

A Mentor

Any trustworthy, supportive adult can serve as a mentor to you. Mentors help answer questions, provide guidance, and share their own experiences with you.

It can be especially helpful to have a mentor to rely on if no one in your family has been to college.

A mentor may be a relative, friend, current or former teacher, coach, employer or anyone you trust, respect and admire.

Ask someone -- or a several people -- to be your mentor. Most people are honored to be asked and happy to help.

Your Parents

Show your parents/guardians you are serious about going to college:

  • Establish good study/homework routines and habits
  • Strive to do your best in all your classes
  • Take honors or advanced courses offered at your school

Keep the lines of communication open and talk often with your parents/guardians.  If you need help speaking with them about college, your school counselor can help.

Your Friends

Are your friends planning on college, too? Surrounding yourself with college-planning friends allows all of you to rely on and support each other in your quest.

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