Financial Aid Professionals

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TAP & Part Time TAP Resources

Here you will find TAP training, processing schedule and other TAP and Part Time TAP resources. Read more.


Nurses For Our Future Scholarship program

This video will help guide you through using the HESCWeb portal to view or update information for New York State Nurses For Our Future Scholarship recipients.


Tuition Assistance Program Application For Incarcerated Students

The 2022-2023 Enacted State Budget restored TAP funding eligibility for incarcerated individuals, providing thousands of incarcerated New Yorkers a chance to apply for and access TAP to fund postsecondary education. Application instructions and applications are here.

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Excelsior Scholarship Resources

Financial aid professionals are crucial for helping determine Excelsior Scholarship recipients’ eligibility. Throughout the year, you help to determine student’s eligibility by verifying credits, calculating award amounts, and certifying payment eligibility at the end of the term. Here are step by step guides and resources for each of these processes.

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Programs, Policies and Procedures:

Guide to Grants and Scholarship Programs

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