APTS Handbook

Through the Aid for Part-time Study program, New York provides tuition assistance to eligible undergraduate students enrolled on a part-time basis in a program of study at a participating institution in New York State.

Each academic year, an annual appropriation is provided, and is allocated proportionately based on part-time enrollment data, to those institutions electing to participate in the program. Participation is not mandatory and only those degree-granting institutions filing a formal request to participate receive an allocation. Eligible institutions not participating during an academic year are in no way precluded from participating in subsequent years.

Unlike other grant and scholarship programs administered by HESC, the APTS program operates primarily as a campus-based program; recipients are selected and award amounts are determined by the participating institution.

Although student eligibility criteria are established in statute, the institution does have fairly broad discretion in the selection of students for awards from among eligible applicants.

APTS Handbook
Chapter 1 Institution Information
Chapter 2 Student Eligibility Requirements
Chapter 3 Application and Award Procedures
Chapter 4 Aid for Part-time Study Recipient List and Replacement/Deletion Procedures
Chapter 5 Roster of Recipients List and Certification Procedures
Chapter 6 Payment Reconciliation Report and Payments
Chapter 7 Batch File Processing
APTS Appendices Resource Documents

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