Chapter 3: Application & Award Procedures

3.1 Student Application for Aid for Part-time Study (HE8073)

A student must file a completed Application for Aid for Part-time Study (HE8073) with the school for each academic year in which an award is sought. Although awards must be made on a term basis, it is not necessary for the students to file an application for each term unless the school requires a student to do so.

The Application for Aid for Part-time Study (HE8073) and the Instructions for Preparing an Application for Aid for Part-time Study (HE8083) are available electronically, to school officials, on HESC’s website and may be placed on the school’s website. 

Select Forms for Financial Aid Professionals to view/print the Aid for Part-time Study Application and Instructions.

Students must send the completed applications to their school’s Financial Aid office for review and selection.

APTS Application Deadline 
Schools may establish deadlines for submission of the application by their students.

Record Retention
The institution must retain student application forms and supplemental documentation as listed in NYS Education Regulations section 2207.2(e) for five years following the end of the academic year. HESC may require copies of the applications be forwarded to HESC as part of a review or audit of student eligibility, or of the operation of the program at the school. 

3.2 Selection of APTS award recipients

The selection of APTS award recipients is the responsibility of the school. In exercising this responsibility the school must:

  • Determine the eligibility of applicants
  • Develop a reasonable criteria for selecting recipients from among the eligible applicants

Determining the Eligibility of Applicants
An institutional review of APTS applications received is usually the primary method of determining student eligibility for an award. 

A review of student’s academic record is necessary to determine if the student is matriculated in an undergraduate degree program or accepted and enrolled in a registered certificate/diploma program, has registered for the required number of credits, and will be subject to a tuition charge of at least $100.00 per year. The continuation of eligibility for an APTS award requires the student be in good academic standing as defined by the NYS Commissioner of Education pursuant to article 13 of Education law.

Developing APTS Selection Criteria 
State statute provides the school with broad discretion in developing criteria for the selection of APTS recipients from among the eligible students. It is recommended the school develop a written statement describing the criteria that will be employed in selecting recipients for an APTS award. The statute requires the school to give consideration to those eligible students who demonstrate the greatest financial need after all available grants have been applied to educational costs, and giving preference for APTS awards to students who would otherwise be unable to attempt or continue postsecondary education. If the school establishes another method of financial need evaluation, it must be applied equitably to all eligible students. 

NOTE: All students determined to be eligible award recipients and who receive an award uses one half of a term of eligibility for state student financial aid purposes. This is an extremely important consideration that students should be aware of, especially if a relatively small award is to be made by the school or the student plans, in the future, to pursue a program of study on a full time basis. 

3.3 APTS Award Notification & Tuition Waiver/ Tuition Reimbursement

Students selected for an APTS award must receive written notification of the award amount and receive a tuition waiver for the amount received. If the tuition was previously paid by the student; a tuition refund equal to the award amount must be made within 45 days of the submission of student’s name to HESC. 

Not all eligible students who apply for assistance will receive an APTS award. Although there is no requirement that the school formally notify students who have been denied an APTS award, it is suggested that notice be given to the students. 

APTS Recipient Status 
Once a student has been selected and notified to receive an APTS award and the student’s name has been submitted to HESC; the student is considered to be an “APTS recipient” for that term. The student can only be held liable for tuition charges for the amount of the APTS award if there is a loss of recipient status as described below. 

Loss of APTS Recipient Status
A student loses APTS Recipient status only in the following circumstances:

  • It is determined the student has exhausted TAP eligibility.
  • The student is found to be in default of any Federal or State-made student loan or on the repayment of any State awards.
  • The school subsequently becomes aware of the student's failure to meet one or more of the eligibility criteria for the award.
  • The student was originally selected for an award as a result of administrative error on the part of the school.


3.4 APTS Recipient selection and transmission deadlines

Schools must select, submit and transmit APTS Recipients and any replacements/deletions within 45 days of the end of the school’s add / drop date for the term. 

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