College Signing Day

What is College Signing Day?

College Signing Day NY recognizes all New York State students who have decided to go to college.  It is celebrated in the spring when high school seniors have made their decisions about which college to attend in the fall.

This year, New York’s College Signing Day NY is set for May 1.

Celebrating College Signing Day NY is a great way to:
  • Recognize seniors for their hard work and success
  • Support seniors as they start their new life journeys
  • Inspire younger students – especially those at risk of not attending – to believe that college is in their future
  • Help all of your high school students see college as an expectation rather than an exception
  • Support a college-going culture within your school

Activities for College Signing Day NY

To participate, your school carries out three activities:

  1. College Gear Displays
    • Invite teachers and staff to give a shout-out to their alma maters by wearing college shirts
    • Decorate halls and classrooms with signs, posters and banners from colleges
  2. College Signing Assembly/Pep Rally
  3. Get The Word Out
      Encourage your students to celebrate with announcements, photos, videos, etc. on social media channels: #ISignedNY
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