Loan Repayment Advisor

Complete these simple questions and the HESC Loan Repayment Advisor will immediately create a personalized HESC Repayment Action Plan and Information Summary based on your unique circumstances.

Check the statement that best describes you:

Do you know what kind of loans you have?

What type of loans do you have? Check all that apply.

Is the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) your FFEL loan guarantor?

Check the statement that applies to you:

Have you chosen a repayment plan?

Are you experiencing financial hardship and/or having difficulty paying your student loans?

Check any of these circumstances that apply to you:

Are your federal loans in default?

Can you pay your defaulted loans in full?

What statements best reflect your goal in dealing with your defaulted loan?

Is your loan guarantor, servicer or lender contacting you about your loan?

Do you need help making a spending plan to help manage your finances?

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