Changes to the Excelsior/ETA Manifests


HESC has completed improvements to the Excelsior/ETA manifests (HE8976) which will enable schools to more easily identify files as we begin processing for multiple-aid years. New manifests for Fall 2018 will be generated beginning January 23, 2019.

HE8976 files for 2018 will be sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and for 2017 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Files names will include the aid year for that file, similar to the example shown below:

  • File Name: HE8976__2018__026.dat
  • File Name: HE8976__2017__415.dat

As you receive these files, please note the following:

  • Only those students who were identified as Eligible for an Excelsior/ETA payment will be included. 
  • Any student who was deemed ineligible in a prior year will not be displayed on the subsequent manifest file.
  • Students who did not complete the income verification process (IVP) with NYS Taxation and Finance will not be added to the manifest until income is completed.
    • First-time applicants: income is verified prior to final approval of Excelsior/ETA.
    • Returning recipients: HESC runs a daily file verifying income.
      • Income verified: student will display on manifest for certification.
      • Income cannot be verified: student will receive an email to review their account where they will find an income questionnaire to be completed and returned to HESC. Income information will be manually updated. You will be able to see the income status on view student record, as shown below:

        Excelsior Scholarship Flag
        Enhanced Tuition Awards Flag
        Excelsior/ETA Income Verification Status 2 - PENDING VERIFICATION

        Excelsior/ETA income verification statuses are: 
        00 - Not Verified
        01 - Verified
        02 - Pending Verification
        03 - Verified HESC
        04 - Verified - New Applicant from CSR

Please feel free to contact HESC if you have any questions.

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