Part-Time TAP for Matriculated Students FAQ

Changes to the Part-time TAP program

I thought there was already Part-time TAP program? What changed?

The Enacted Budget eliminated the full-time enrollment requirement effective with the 2022-23 academic year, and thereafter. Recipients no longer need to meet the requirement to have previously attended full-time, earning 24 or more credits to be qualified for the program.


Who is considered eligible for Part-time TAP?
Students who were first time freshmen in 2006-07 or thereafter, attending a public or independent college,and who are enrolled in at least 6 but fewer than 12 credits, are now eligible for Part-time TAP without having to previously been enrolled full time.
Is the 24-credit requirement for Part-time TAP still a requirement for the 2022-23 academic year?
No. The Enacted Budget eliminated the full-time enrollment requirement effective with the 2022-23 academic year, and thereafter.
For the budget change for Part-time TAP is it as simple as 6+ credits can be certified as eligible?
Yes. Part-time TAP awards are based on reported credits (6-11) and students actual tuition liability.
Are students who apply through the NYS DREAM Act eligible for Part-time TAP?
Yes, students who apply through the Dream Act are eligible for Part-time TAP.
Can a student have Part-time TAP, Part-time Scholarship (PTS), and APTS?
Yes, a student can have all programs as long as there is eligibility for each program. The total of the awards cannot exceed the cost of tuition.
Are proprietary colleges now eligible to offer Part-time TAP awards?
Part-time TAP awards were not previously available to students attending a proprietary college. The Enacted Budget changes do not make awards available to students attending proprietary colleges.
Does the change in eligibility criteria for Part-time TAP begin with the Summer 2022 term?
The new guidelines for part-time TAP begin with any term after July 1, 2022.
Can ADA students get both ADA TAP & PT-TAP?
Students who are ADA are allowed to receive Part-time TAP depending on the number of credits the student is enrolled in. ADA students can be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits.
Is the 24-credit previous enrollment requirement for Accelerated Study (Summer) TAP, which is different than Part-time TAP, being changed or will it remain the same?
The previous 24-credit enrollment requirement for Accelerated Study remains in effect.
Would a student be eligible for Part-time TAP if they are only taking remedial courses?
Students taking remedial courses are eligible for Part-time TAP, provided the student takes at least one three-credit course in the term.
If a student is enrolled 6 credits for session 1 and 6 credits for session 2, then drops all credits for session 2 would they be eligible for Part-time TAP?
No, they would have been full time at the beginning of the semester.
If a student is enrolled in two late-session courses (8 week part of term), would they qualify for Part-time tap? Or does the student need to be in at least one course that runs the full length of the semester (16 weeks)?
The student would need to be enrolled in at least one course that runs the full length of the semester.
Is there a final year/term exception for Part-time TAP?
No, the final year/term exception is only for full-time study.
How are points calculated for a student receiving Part time TAP and APTS?
A student receiving APTS uses 3 points per award and if the student is receiving Part-time TAP during the same term the student would use additional TAP points depending on the number of credit enrolled in. (See chart below in next section)
For a student who is enrolled for 11 credits and receives Part time TAP and APTS, would they accumulate more than 6 points for the term between the two programs?
Yes the student would accumulate more than 6 points. The student cannot accumulate more than 12 points per year. Schools should work with students to make sure they are aware that if they use more than 6 points for term 1 they will not be eligible for a full award in the following term.
Is PT-TAP enrollment considered to be determined at the Add/Drop period?


Will there be a new application process for students who are interested in receiving Part-time TAP?
No, both full-time and part-time students must complete the TAP application. When the student is fully approved, the TAP award will be calculated with a full-time TAP award. Part-time TAP awards are recalculated after the school identifies part-time students when certifying the roster.
How are ADA Part-time TAP recipients impacted?
There is no change to ADA Part-time TAP recipient processing.
How does Part-time TAP impact Accelerated Study TAP?
Part-time TAP does not have any effect on Accelerated Study. The difference is that under Accelerated Study the student attends an additional term within the academic year that is not a required term. For example, a student attending a summer term would receive an award under the Accelerated Study rules.
If a student’s information is on the SSL indicating a Full-time TAP award, how is the Part-time TAP award calculated?

Semester Schools
Partial payment will be made for students taking 6-11 credits as indicated in the charts below:

Points Accrual for Part-time TAP Payments - Semester Schools
CreditsPercent of Full AwardPoints Accrued
6 50.00% 3
7 58.34% 3.5
8 66.67% 4
9 75.00% 4.5
10 83.34% 5
11 91.67% 5.5

Trimester Schools
Partial payment will be made for students taking 4-7 credits as shown below:

Points Accrual for Part-time TAP Payments - Trimester Schools
CreditsPercent of Full AwardPoints Accrued
4 50.00% 2
5 62.50% 2.5
6 75.00% 3
7 87.50% 3.5
How will we be able to defer PT-TAP student payment prior certification?
Schools can use the credit chart to determine an estimated part-time TAP award prior to certification.
Is there a plan to have a flag on the SSL to designate Part-time TAP students?
Not at this time.
If a student attended college prior to 06/07 but never applied for or received TAP until after 06/07 and HESC shows 1st year as after 06/07. Are they considered ineligible for Part-time TAP?
Students who attended college prior to 2006-07 are not eligible for the PT-TAP award even if they did not receive a TAP award during that period of attendance.
Are part time students eligible for the SUNY/CUNY tuition credit?
Yes the part-time students canreceive a SUNY/CUNY tuition credit. Students who attend a community college are not eligible to receive the tuition credit.

Satisfactory Academic Progress/Pursuit of Program

Is the 2.0 GPA requirement still in place for Part-time TAP?
Yes, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA regardless of the number of payments they have received.
When do we evaluate the student for the 2.0 GPA?
You evaluate the GPA requirement at certification so at that point the student needs a 2.0 GPA.
Can students with a 0 GPA receive part-time TAP?
Yes, if they are receiving their first payment.
How will we evaluate the GPA requirement for transfer students?
Grades of a “C” or better are normally accepted in transfer so the student may be presumed to have met the C-average requirement for the initial term of study at the new institution. The institution also has the option of considering actual grades for credits accepted in transfer when determining the student's cumulative GPA. However, should the school adopt this latter approach, it must be a general policy applied to all transfer students for financial aid purposes.
Can the C average waiver be used for a first payment for Part-time Tap if a transfer student?
The C average waiver may not be used to regain eligibility for a Part-time TAP award. The program requires the student maintain a C average.
Can the one-time waiver be used for Part-time Tap?
The one-time waiver may not be used to regain eligibility for a Part-time TAP award.
Will the SAP standards and Program Pursuit be updated or changed?
No, schools will follow the same evaluation process as in the past.
What would be the exact criteria for eligibility under Pursuit of Program?
To satisfy Pursuit of Program, a student must earn a passing or failing grade in a percentage of the minimum course-load in each term an award is received. The percentage increases from 50% of the minimum part-time load in each term of the first year an award is received, to 75% of the minimum part-time load in each term of the second year, to 100% of the minimum part-time load in each term thereafter. The pursuit requirement remains a continuous measure of a student’s achievement.
When evaluating a student who received Full-time TAP in their previous semester and now eligible to receive Part-time TAP, is their pursuit based on full time course load or minimum Part-time course load?
The Pursuit assessment is based on the full time course load.
For Pursuit of Program assessment, do you use points or number of payments.
You would use the number of payments.


Can students who are enrolled full-time, (12 credits) but only six to eleven credits are applicable to their degree receive a Part-time TAP award under the new budget rules?
Yes. Students who are enrolled full time but less than 12 credits are applicable to their degree can receive a Part-time TAP award.
For students who are enrolled in 12 credits with 10 credits in their program of study, what tuition amount should be used to certify the student Part-time?
Schools should use the part time applicable tuition amount as part of certification. (10 credits in this example)
Does this population need to comply with the Part-time TAP 2.0 GPA requirement?
Will a new decertification code be added to signify students who are not enrolled in six credits or more?
No, schools should decertify students who are not ADA and less than 6 credits with a ‘9’ miscellaneous denial.
If a student has Part-time TAP and PTS, how do we certify the award so the correct amount of PTS pays?
Schools should process awards using funds that are most beneficial to the student. School certifies award with tuition and credits. HESC is working to modify the current process and will provide more details shortly.
If a student is enrolled Part-time in session 1 and eligible for Part-time TAP and then adds classes to session 2 after the 21st day would the student lose the eligibility for Part-time TAP?
We use the enrollment status at the beginning of the session 1. Any additional classes added after the add/drop period in session 1 cannot be counted for Part-time TAP.
If a student is enrolled in 9 credits but only 6 of the credits apply towards the degree, would we only pay on the 6 credits?
You would only pay for the credits that are part of the student’s program of study or a remedial course. You would only report the tuition for the six credits.
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