Participation in the Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA) Program

The Enhanced Tuition Awards (ETA) Program, begun in 2017-18, enables resident students attending New York State private, degree-granting colleges to receive financial assistance to complete their college degrees on time. ETA Program recipients are generally eligible to receive $6,000 annually through a combination of their TAP award, ETA Program award, and a match from their participating private college.

Colleges opt into or opt out of ETA each year. Colleges opting into ETA are required to both provide a match of up to $3,000, unless exempt, and freeze such student's tuition for the duration of the award to maximize the financial benefit to the student.

ETA participation decisions made by colleges regarding any one year neither obligates nor precludes them from deciding differently in future years.  However, colleges choosing to opt-out of ETA after earlier opting-in must continue to both freeze the tuition charge and provide matching funds, unless exempt, to ETA Program recipients who remain eligible for awards for the duration of such students' attendance at your institution.

To participate in ETA, your college's Chief Executive Officer or other fiduciary officer must complete and sign an Amended Program Participation Agreement and the ETA Program Participation Form and mail an original copy to: HESC New York State Higher Education Services Corporation, 99 Washington Avenue, 13th Floor, Albany, New York 12255, Attention: ETA Participation.

New for 2018-19

The 2018-19 Enacted State Budget provides for the following modifications:

  • Expands the program to students attending any private, degree-granting NYS college.
  • Provides greater flexibility in the matching requirement for colleges by allowing the use of existing institutional aid as matching funds.
  • Exempts from the match requirement colleges that have reduced their tuition rate by more than 15 percent from the level charged six years ago.
  • Permits the use of prior year income to establish initial income eligibility in the event of the disability, divorce or separation of the applicant, parent or spouse of the death of a parent or spouse.

Existing Program Participation Agreements will be deemed modified by the law.

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