Duration of Eligibility

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Duration of Eligibility
According to Education Law, students are entitled to a total of four years of TAP. Students who enroll in approved five-year undergraduate programs, including opportunity programs, are eligible to receive five years of undergraduate TAP.

Aid for Part-time Study awards and Part-time TAP awards, which are for undergraduate study only, also count against a student’s total TAP eligibility.
Students may receive one STAP award for the summer term before the initial year of matriculated study and one award for the summer term following the initial year of matriculated study.  Either award may be full or half-time study.  A STAP award does not reduce a student's TAP eligibility.  The amount of a STAP award for full-time study during a summer term will equal one-forth the annual award the student would have been eligible to receive under the TAP program.  The STAP award for half-time summer study will equal one-eighth the annual award for which the student would have bee eligible under the TAP program.