Fast Track Courses

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Fast Track Courses

“Fast track” courses meet for a different period of time than a full term. They may start and end before or after the regular semester and run for different lengths of time. Some colleges refer to such courses as “late start” courses.

To be full time for TAP purposes, a student who takes fast track courses must carry at least one course that meets for the full 15 weeks in a semester (inclusive of examination periods) to satisfy the durational requirement in section 145-2.1(a) on full-time and part-time study in theRegulations of the Commissioner of Education.

If the fast track courses all begin at the start of a semester, students can be certified as full time as soon as they have a full tuition liability. If the fast track courses begin later than the regular semester, certification cannot take place until the student achieves full-time status, that is, when the student’s course load is at least 12 credits. 

The basic requirement for fast track courses is the demonstration of enrollment for a full-time course load, either by actually registering for at least 12 credits to be undertaken during the semester or prefiling a plan of study for enrollment in at least 12 credits. The student cannot add fast track courses at a later date during the semester to achieve a full-time course load.

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