Make up Deficiency

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Make up Deficiency

To be eligible for State student financial aid, a student must remain in good academic standing, defined as pursuing a program of study and making progress toward completing the program’s requirements.

If a student fails to remain in good academic standing, the student loses eligibility for a subsequent award.

One of the ways a student can regain eligibility is to make up the deficiency—failure to pursue or failure to make progress, or both—without benefit of State financial aid.

For example, if a student is at the 100 percent pursuit level—that is, must get a grade in at least 100 percent of the minimum full-time course load of 12 credits—and the student gets a grade in only nine credits, the student must make up the three-credit shortfall at his/her own expense. Thus, the student might take a three-credit course during a winter term or summer session to make up the deficiency without benefit of State student aid.

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